Breakfast Shortcut


Breakfast Short Cut- Breakfast Pizza
I often hear that there is not enough time to prepare meals. We all have busy lives, but planning is the key to success in clean eating. Use the weekends or your off day to plan your meals and snacks.

I found a recipe online for a breakfast pizza and tried it for the first time about a week ago. Boiled eggs are my staple, but the breakfast pizza was a nice change. The same ingredients you like in your omelet could be used in the breakfast pizza. Below are the steps I took to make my pizza:

I oiled the skillet with olive oil and preheated the pan.
In the hot skillet, I poured in the beaten eggs.
Once the eggs began to set, I added the veggies and sprinkled with cheese.
I put the pan in the oven and baked until the eggs were set. You will notice the edges of eggs will pull away from the pan when it is done.

I don’t recall the temperature I used or how long I cooked the breakfast pizza on. I don’t think you can mess this up.

After the pizza completely cooled I sliced it and put the slices in containers. Then I had breakfast for a few days. You can add a slice of whole wheat bread and some fruit and you are set. The breakfast pizza will last for a week in the fridge. Microwave for about 30 seconds and enjoy. The protein from the eggs will tie you over for a couple of hours.

“If you fail to plan, then plan to fail”.

The Making of Breakfast Pizza

The Making of Breakfast Pizza

The slices last up to a week in fridge. Microwave the slices for about 30 seconds.

The slices last up to a week in fridge. Microwave the slices for about 30 seconds.


Focus on The Good Stuff


Focus on The Good Stuff

It is easier following a clean eating plan if the focus is taken off of what we ‘can not eat’ and focus on what ‘we can eat’. You will discourage yourself if you continue to focus on the foods you should not be eating (what is bad for you) instead, start focusing on the good stuff. The list is endless.

There are so many nutritionally good foods out there. You will not be hungry and your body will function better. If you really pay attention to your body, you will notice that it functions better if it is fed good wholesome nutritious foods. You will not be as sluggish; your energy level will high.

It’s all about balance. I heard Jada Pickett, say, the “For the most part, I eat the foods which are good for my body. Occasionally, I will have those things which are not so good for body”. The key word is ‘occasionally’. An occasional treat every now and then will not do harm to your body or derail your weight loss efforts.

So, again, focus on the good stuff.

Remember, take care of your body; you only get one.