Maintaining The Weight Loss


I tell people often, that it is harder maintaining my weight loss than it was to lose the weight. My lowest weight was 134; today I’m lingering around 140-142. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to see the 130’s again. So, I’m wondering if my body is trying to tell me that I am at the weight I need to be. I am wearing a comfortable small or size 6; so I’m good with that. Or do I need to tweak some things. According to the BMI Index, I’m a couple of pounds to being overweight.

This just proves that losing weight has to be a lifestyle change. If you go back to your old eating habits, the weight will creep back on. At this point I’m constantly tweaking some things. One of the things I’m doing is cycling my my carbs. I get most of my carbs in early in the day. I start cutting back on carbs around 1:00pm. If you think about it, our bodies start slowing down the later it gets. So, there is no need for heavy carbs late in the evenings.

Another thing I doing is following the 85/15 rule. Versus depriving myself of those occasional treats I will indulge 15% of the time by treating myself. I feel as though if I’m eating clean 85% of the time then an occasional cheat 15% of the time should be allowed.

Different things work for different people; so it’s just a matter of tweaking some things and find out what works for you.
Remember, take care of your body; you only get one.