“Your health is the best investment you can make and the greatest asset you can enjoy. Life is God’s greatest gift, but life-long good health is an individual responsibility. Without your health everything else is worthless”. I saw the above information on a vitamin pamphlet and thought I would share.
Who is up for the challenge?
I have been talking to a few people about a 5 pound challenge and some seem to like the idea. So, I’m just to put it out there and whoever wants to get on board can accept the challenge and get on board.

I think 5 pounds is a good start. We can call it ‘5 pounds at time’. If you want to lose more, than you can but let’s start with baby steps. Once you lose the 5 pounds than you can lose more. It is all about starting. I think if you set small goals you will be more likely to stick with the plan. You may decide that you want to lose 20 pounds, but don’t look at it at it as 20 pounds; take it 5 pounds at a time. Then before you know it, you will be at your idea weight. We are almost in a new month, so by the end of April you should be down at least 3 pounds. Some of you will lose inches before you see a change in the scale, so do not be discouraged.

So, when do we start the challenge? Rather than wait my suggestion is to start tomorrow. There is no point in continuing with bad habits. Remember, planning and preparation is the key. “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Yes, it is time consuming to plan your snacks and meals for the week. After a few weeks you will have it down to a science. I will be providing some tips along the way. Please refer back to my blog. There is so much helpful information on my blog.

It’s not simple for everyone to dive right into a healthy eating, so you may need to gradually make changes by cutting those bad eating habits one by one.

Some tips to start off with:
1. Cut out or minimize your sugar intake. My rule of thumb when purchasing is to choose those items with less than 8 grams of sugar.
2. Watch your sodium intake. Put down that salt shaker. Retrain your taste buds. You may not like the taste initially, but give it a chance. You don’t have to put salt in EVERYTHING you eat. Excessive salt makes you bloated.
3. DO NOT skip breakfast. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Our body is in a fasting state while we sleep. So breakfast jumps start our metabolism.
5. Drink your water. Drink your water.
6. Eat a snack every 2-3 hours. Include a protein (cheese, nuts, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, beans, boiled eggs or lean meat)
7. Stop the late night eating. My full of thumbs is no eating within 2 hours of my bed time. Our heaviest meal should not be dinner, because we are doing less moving in the evenings.
8. Eat good carbs (sweet potatoes, beans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread).
9. Get your carbs (the good ones) in early part of the day. In the evenings most of your plate should include lean protein and green veggies.
10. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise 4- 5 days a week.

Do not look at this challenge as a diet. It is a life style change. Some of you have some very bad habits which need to be change.

I am tweaking my plan as well, cutting out some sweets and certain starches, so you are not in this alone. I just start following the paleo plan. That plan is basically eating clean nutritious foods as people did back in the day. The Paleo plan consists of vegetables, fruits and lean protein. It is a simple plan to follow. All of the junk and processed is eliminated on this plan. You can check out the links below.

Attached is some good information. I love the dandelion tea; it is a great detox for your liver. It also helps with the belly bloat. On the attached is also a great meal plan if you need to know where to start.

Re: Dandelion Root Tea

Re: Paleo Plan


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