What Are We Consuming- Read the Labels


What are we consuming?

On Steve Harvey’s Motivational Monday, the topic was healthy eating. He said some things that really stuck with me. Some of them I’ve heard before. One of the things he said was, “if we continue to eat whatever we want to eat, whenever we want it, we are going to die early.” Why is cancer on the increase? Why is obesity on the increase? Why is heart disease and diabetes on the increase? Could it be the foods we choose to eat? I do not think a pill is the fix to everything. Can we just simply make better food choices? It is time for us to take better care of ourselves.

Where did processed foods come from? What it processed sugar; natural sugar is not white. Flour is not white; if you go to a wheat field, you will not find white wheat.
What exactly are we putting in our mouths? Are we paying attention to what we are consuming? Read the labels. Food preservatives extend the shelf life of food in grocery stores but may have a detrimental effect on your health. Preservatives are a good thing for food manufacturers because products can be made, shipped and stored until purchase without going bad, meaning they don’t lose money from spoiled food. Once we eat food with preservatives in it and it goes inside our bodies, if we don’t do anything to remove the preservatives, what happens is the food stays there. How many preservatives are in the foods we are eating? Can we even pronounce some of the ingredients that are in the foods and beverages that we are consuming?

I read a good article about the effects of food preservatives on the human body. Check out the article:

It would difficulty to refrain from all foods with preservatives, but we can definitely minimize our consumption by making better choices. Normally, the foods in boxes, jars, cans and packages are loaded with preservatives and sodium. Fresh or frozen are the better options.

My rule of thumb: stick to the foods with few ingredients (5 ingredients or less). Examples:
1. An egg is an egg, with nothing added
2. A bag of natural peanuts or almonds should only have peanuts or almonds listed as ingredients.
3. Broccoli is broccoli
4. An apple is an apple
I think you get the picture.

Preservatives are used to make the foods last longer before consumption. If we eat foods with preservatives and do not do anything to remove those preservatives, how long is that food really remaining our bodies and what is it doing to our bodies? That is something to think about.



2 thoughts on “What Are We Consuming- Read the Labels

  1. Caroll

    Great article! Having worked in the medical industry for a number of years; I can attest to how diet has negatively affected the lives of so many! Of course, we usually view the significance of it in hindsight.

    I enjoy the post and how it can really make a difference in a life when we take ACTION!

    I minimized my consumption of white rice which is a huge thing for me. I ate veggies and baked meat. I still have a ways to go, but I’m still maintaining the 9 lb weight loss.

    Thanks for all your motivation and care!

    • Caroll, 9 pounds is a significant number for weight loss! Maintaining the loss is definitely a big deal, so keep up the good work. I think you look great; however, I’m not sure what your personal goals are. You are on the right track; it’s all about making a start and you have done that. You said the key word ‘ACTION’; that is what it’s going to take in order to see results.
      If there is any assistance I can provide please let me know.

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