Low Sugar Options


Reducing your sugar intake is key to weight reduction.
Some options are:
Plain Greek yogurt- you control the sugar by adding fresh or frozen fruit
Sugar free jello
None sugary cereal
Fresh fruit
Home made fruit smoothies

When shopping I tend to stick to the items with less than 9 grams of sugar. The food labels may say ‘low calorie’ or ‘low fat’ but how much sugar does it have?

Clean eating does require time and can be a challenge until you get hang of it. You have low carb, low fat, low calorie, none gluten… The list goes on and on. You just have to start and find out what works for you. When shopping, I look for low sugar content, low sodium, high fiber and high protein (the last two are the once that will keep you more satisfied longer). I do a comparison and choose the items that meet what I’m looking for.

As I said, before, it’s all about starting; you can tweak your plan as time goes on. So, go ahead and start today.


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