So many people have suggested that I do not lose any more weight. I guess that is a good thing, because the comments could have been “are you gaining the weight back?” 🙂   According to the scale, I have gained a couple of pounds, but I believe it could be muscle weight. I have reached my weight loss goal; now I’m attempting to maintain my weight loss.

Every now and then I still track my daily food intake using My Fitness Pal. As I stated before, tracking keeps you accountable. There have been times I went over my recommended daily calorie intake. Fortunately, my workouts allow me some play room, so, if my calorie intake is a little high my workouts will balance it out. So, that’s when I realize how easy it is to over eat. Basically, if you have not figured out the number of calories you should be consuming daily to loose or maintain your current weight then, more than likely you are over eating.

Serving sizes are important. I was surprised of what a serving of vegetables look like. When I attended the wellness class, a sample serving size of vegetables was passed around. That was an eye opener for me; it was such a small amount compared to what I was previously eating. I was one who thought there was no limit when it comes to vegetables, since the calories are so low. The dietitian basically said serving sizes are important; all foods should be eaten in moderation.

Once you calculate the number of calories you should be consuming daily, then you need to stay under your calorie intake. You WILL lose weight if you consume your recommended calorie intake or less than your recommended calorie limit.


Serving Sizes


one serving size of spinach






One serving of cauliflower 



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