More on Planning


I  mentioned in a previous blog the importance of planning. If you fail to plan, than you will plan to fail. I take full advantage of my weekends by prepping my meals for the week. If you keep it simple, you can put together a few meals in no time.

I saw a simple mini frittata recipe on an episode of Dr Oz.   Normally, boiled eggs are my go-to items for breakfast. I thought the frittatas would be a nice change. So, I made them this past weekend and they turned out great. You can make a dozen of them, freeze them and microwave them as needed.

 You can choose any ingredients you like for your frittata. It’s like making an omelet; there are so many varieties you can make.

 My frittata recipe consisted of:

Eggs (I think I used about 10 )

Chopped fresh spinach

Red and green bell peppers



Hot sauce


 I whisked all of the ingredients and poured the mixture in muffin tins (prayed with oil) and bake them for about 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

 My recipe made 16 frittatas. They came out great, so I will be making them again. I froze the extra frittatas. When I microwaved one this morning it only rooked 1 minute.

 To complete my breakfast, I added toasted whole wheat bagel thin and some fresh fruit.

 For lunch I made crab salad. I used crab, green bell pepper, celery, Cajun   seasoning, mayo, salt and pepper. To complete my lunch I took some spinach leaves and topped it with the crab salad. Salad dressing was not necessary since the salad was already seasoned perfectly. I had 6 whole wheat triscuits to get in a little carbs and fiber; that completed my lunch.

 For the second day, I made a sandwich with the crab salad using the 100 calorie whole wheat thins; added some spinach and had fruit.

 I also bought a rotisserie chicken for lunch one day. That will be my third day lunch. I will either add it to a salad or just have frozen veggies to complete my lunch.

 I baked some kale also, for a crunchy snack. I coated the kale leaves in a little olive oil, sprinkle with a a little seal salt, spread the leaves on a cookie sheet and bake for about 5-7 minutes. You may be thinking that baked kale is not for you, but it really is pretty tasty. Besides, it’s good for you.

So if you are not planing, start planning. If your week days are hectic, then take advantage of the weekends. You will me be surprised how fast you will be in and out if the kitchen. Your body will be so glad you did.







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