Clean Snack Options


Last snack before dinner: Apple slices (fiber and good carb), peanut butter (protein), carrots, broccoli, and snap peas (fiber and low calorie).

Rule of thumb:
Have a snack prior to your dinner outing. This will prevent the hunger pangs and you will be more prone to making healthier food choices.

The key is to make sure your snack include a protein and a complex carb (has a high fiber content of 2.5 grams or higher).

Below is a sample of a clean snack.
Some other options are:
Cheese and whole wheat crackers
Boiled eggs and slicks of whole wheat toast

Or you can do a double whammy by eating beans or whole wheat pasta.


2 thoughts on “Clean Snack Options

  1. Caroll

    When would be an ideal time to have a “last snack” for that night or would it really matter as long as its healthy? 😉

    • 7pm is normally my cut off time for eating anything. My rule is not to eat anything within 2 hours of going to bed.
      It may be challenging at times. If my dinner is high protein and high fiber, I’m pretty much satisfied until it’s time for bed. Brushing and flossing after my dinner helps also; I am less prone to eat anything else after I brush and floss.

      Some evenings are better than others. So, if you have to have something, chose a low carb snack. We mainly need carbs for energy, so there is no point in consuming them late in the evening just to go to bed on them. Unsued carbs will be stored as fat and sugar.

      So, if you must have something to munch on after dinner, try a cup of tea and low carb snack. Avoid the sugar, because it will go to your stomach.

      I hopes this helps.

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