Eating ‘Clean’



Take a look at a one of my meals. All of this food for 373 calories! That is a lot of food, full of fiber, vitamins and protein and it’s going to tie me over for a few hours.
Chicken breast = 130 calories
Steamed broccoli = 31 calories
Black eye peas= 109 calories
Rice= 103 calories


According to the website:
A Big Mac has 550 calories.; a McDonalds plain hamburger has 250 calories. If you add a small fry, that is an additional 230 calories.
So, one fast food meal would cost you anywhere from 480 to 780 calories. That’s enough calories for 2 meals.


It’s not worth it. For one thing, you will feel so sluggish after eating an unclean meal and another thing, why consume empty calories, which has no nutritional value.


Try it for a week and let me know how it goes.







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